TEDx Talk – Why the future of discovery will be self-driven

Phil’s TEDxUofT talk “Why the future of discovery will be self-driven” is online now.

This is Phil’s first TEDx Talk and was shot physically distanced during the COVID19 pandemic. Phil talks about how artificial intelligence and robotics could be the best weapon we have in the fight against climate change.

You can watch the video here:

Berlin Science Week – Hydrogen Can Event

On November 6th Phil hosted a Canada-Germany event on hydrogen at Berlin Science Week called “A Carbon Free Fuel: Hydrogen Can”.

This event, hosted by the Government of Canada, included a panel discussion on hydrogen with leaders from academia, industry, and government as well as a Science Slam between early-career researchers and entrepreneurs!

Falling Walls Circle Table: Powering Climate Neutrality – The Future of Hydrogen

Touted as the fuel of the future, governments and companies all around the world are investing in hydrogen in a big way.

On Wednesday, Nov 4 Phil was a panelist on a Falling Walls Circle Table: Powering Climate Neutrality – The Future of Hydrogen.

Moderated by Daniel Oberhaus from WIRED, he discussed the future of hydrogen production, transportation and use alongside Prof. Peter Wassercheid, Director of the Helmholtz Institute Erlangen-Nuremberg for Renewable Energy, and Glenn Llewellyn, VP Zero Emission Aircraft at Airbus.

They covered topics such as:
• Why hydrogen has been gaining so much attention
• The promise of hydrogen powered flight
• What technology gaps remain
• The opportunity and what governments can do

You can watch the video here:

CDL Matter Session 1

Today Phil participated in Creative Destruction Lab – Matter Stream Session 1. As a mentor, Phil participated in small group meetings with exciting science-based ventures to provide his advice and mentorship.

The best way to describe CDL is Dragon’s Den meets Star Trek – the coolest science based startups with cutting edge technologies duking it out to make it to next the round of the program.

Some of the coolest ventures/ideas of the day:
– using magnetic ferrofluids as microfluidic pumps
– genetically engineered enzymes to make products from CO2
– infinitely recyclable plastics

Canadian Commission for UNESCO Working Group on AI Ethics & SDGs

Phil was recently chosen to appointed to the Canadian Commission for UNESCO (CCUNESCO) Working Group on AI Ethics and the Sustainable Development Goals.

Phil joins other distinguished colleagues in the fields of artificial intelligence and sustainability. This working group is made up of experts in artificial intelligence research and will work with the CCUNESCO Secretariat to develop proposal for applying AI to advance the realization of sustainable development goals in Canada.

Talk on Self-Driving Labs at Future Labs Live

On Sept 17th, Phil gave a talk at Future Labs Live on Materials Acceleration Platforms (MAPs), or self-driving labs for the discovery of new clean energy materials.

Future Labs Live is an all-inclusive networking conference that will explore innovation and technological advances within the laboratory space, across all industries. It brings together leading Laboratory Heads from across the pharma, biotech, agriculture, chemical and energy industries to come up with the ideas, the tech, and the processes, that’ll transform the lab of tomorrow.

Panelist at Mission Innovation Clean Energy Ministerial

Phil was a recent panelist at the 11th Clean Energy Ministerial Side Event on a discussion on the journey of clean energy innovators. Phil represented Canada as the Mission Innovation Champion for this year and spoke about his experiences in developing clean technology.

This public-facing side event aims to take a deep dive into the journey of individual innovators that – through their own efforts and initiatives – bring new clean energy solutions to society, often with the support of public and/or private funding vehicles or non-financial enabling policy frameworks. To leverage the potential of innovators to spearhead the clean energy transition, the virtual roundtable, moderated by a high-level MI-member government official, will highlight the role of these innovators in accelerating the transition, as well as their vision on technology and policies. MI Champions and Young Innovators will share their experience, with particular reference to their experience of public R&D programs, philanthropic and investment vehicles. The conclusions and findings of the session will contribute to the discussion among Mission Innovation decision makers, to shape the new wave of global innovation efforts in particular through Mission Innovation 2.0.

You can see the video of the entire side event below here:

Panelist on the Future of Hydrogen at the Energy Future Forum

Phil was a panelist for a Hydrogen Workshop hosted by the Energy Future Forum. Phil spoke about the role that national labs have in developing innovating technologies and supporting the scale up of hydrogen.

The Energy Future Forum is a pan-Canadian and multi-year initiative that is working to address climate action and our energy future around one table. Its mission is to develop practical measures that help Canada meet or exceed our 2030 emissions targets on the way to a net zero future, and that strengthen an innovative economy, deepen shared prosperity and enhance national unity. The Forum includes leaders from business and government, along with academic, environmental and Indigenous organizations, comprising participants from five regions. The foundational partners – RBC, Suncor Energy, Hydro-Quebec and the Ivey Foundation, together with PPF – are determined to see this collaborative effort map out an ambitious set of actions that are environmentally sound, economically beneficial and publicly acceptable.